Simon Rivett

Simon lives and works as a full time artist on Lewis. His work is vigorous, masculine and visceral and yet often of subtlety and delicacy as may be seen in his still-life paintings.

In his own words: "The work all stems from drawings made in the field and then often developed with studies in watercolour. Current pre-occupations and interests are the wide- open moors of Lewis - which are empty, wild, ugly, beautiful and subtle. They alter with the time of year, the time of day and the light of the island, which is clear and pure. I like to find paths, the crofters' peat roads, small rivers and fence posts that break up the magnificent vastness of the landscape. The paintings are done in oil on canvas, which I mount on board because I like a firm-working surface. I like to use the paint in a fluid and rich way. The pictures are often glazed to add depth and richness and increase the contrast between light and dark."

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Example Works

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