Kirsty Lymburn

Kirsty was born in 1977 and grew up in the South side of Glasgow. She went to Mearns Castle High School and during her school years Kirsty discovered her ability and love of art, especially painting.

In Fifth year she was chosen to represent her school at an art week in Ardentinny, Argyll. It was during this week especially, that Kirsty found some belief in her painting skills. The works from this week were exhibited in Paisley museum, where Kirsty at the age of 15 sold her first painting.

After school Kirsty decided to live and study make-up special effects in London. After a couple of years of hectic city life Kirsty realised that the hustle and bustle was not for her. She moved back to Scotland and discovered the joys of snowboarding and surfing. Both pastimes took her on visits to France, Spain, Portugal, Canada, New Zealand, North West Africa, Australia and Indonesia.

Example Works

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