Margaret Stevenson

Margaret studied graphic design at Glasgow School of Art and after taking a teaching certificate at Jordanhill College, taught art in schools for a few years, worked as a medical artist for a few more years and then as a graphic designer for a lot more years. She now lives and works on the west side of the Isle of Lewis where she has a studio.

“Art is a corner of the creation seen through a personality”. The desire to draw and paint is fundamental to us – cavemen did it, small children do it, everyone has done it. It’s a great joy to let yourself go in a drawing or painting and see what emerges, to start to put down what you see and then find something coming out of it which evokes a feeling of the subject.
I work from sketches and studies of island life, looking for shape, line and pattern and then paint from these studies trying to suggest a feeling of rhythmic flowing life.

Example Works

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