Catriona Henderson Darroch

Being brought up on the Isle of Arran had a great influence on my life, here I roamed the beaches and hills and developed a love of plants, water, skies and nature through the university of life.
Surrounded and steeped in nature, beauty, silence and wonder, from childhood and forever I was always observing, drawing and painting. I love the work of Arthur Melville and Sir Russel Flint.
Working mainly in charcoal and pastels I studied life drawing in the evenings and weekends at Glasgow Art School over 3 years 1987 -90 under George Millar, who was an inspiring and encouraging tutor. This led to a series of paintings where life and landscape were ethereally entwined.
I was fortunate to have held the position of Arts Development Officer for Inverclyde Council for many years and here again I was inspired by a wealth of artists working in every media, from Sculptors to Musicians, Dancers to Thespians, Ceramists to Stained Glass Artists and painters. The energy of fellow artists was palpable and infectious.
Having travelled to many countries painting and sketching, I find Scotland has the greatest influence over me and has everything I could want for inspiration.
I love the Western Isles in particular and have drawn and painted them over many years.
The loneliness and warmth, the beauty and transient nature of the everchanging elements, the colours, love and joy of nature all inform my work.
I just love watercolours, they are like life itself they are unpredictable. I love the unpredictability of this medium, its strength, clarity and the ethereal subtleties of mood and colour, such qualities can both calm and excite us, influence our moods and take us to far away places to dream.
I always wanted to study ceramics and moving to Argyll in 2012 has given me the opportunity to build a small studio with a kiln.

Example Works

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